Greece Actually by Sue Roberts

 This is another enjoyable romance by Sue Roberts with vivid and colourful descriptions which certainly make you want to go to Greece! Reading this might be the next best thing!

Becky is struggling with her little shops where she sells scented soaps and creams, and she is also dealing with trauma caused with her ex-boyfriend. Her uncle's invitation to spend a holiday at his villa is perfect to get away from all this. She takes a couple of friends, who each have their own problems. Will the sunshine, gorgeous scenery and perhaps some romance revive her?

This is great escapist reading during the depression and insanity of the pandemic.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


hels said…
Great title for the book, thanks.
Viola said…
It's escapist romance, Hels. I am reading the last stories of F.Scott Fitzgerald, though, and watching the series "The Beginning of Everything".

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