Red Earth Diaries A Migrant Couple's Backpacking Adventure in Australia by Jason Rebello

Jason Rebello

After Jason Rebello, a ship's captain, and his wife Ambika decided to settle in Australia, they wanted to tour the country as backpackers and explored the east coast. Jason paints a vivid picture of the stunning scenery they see and the interesting people they meet in this tale of romance and adventure. Jason and Ambika are obviously a lovely, friendly young couple and you feel as if you almost know them as Jason takes you on a tour from the Sunshine Coast to North Queensland, to Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road, and to Sydney. He really makes readers want to visit these places and he tells highly entertaining snippets of our history and includes facts about the country along the way. He did his research.

This was a highly enjoyable book to read, especially during the pandemic, although it really made me long to travel again, even just interstate! I especially liked Jason's amusing story of how he tried to evade romance and his description of the train trip from the Sunshine Coast to Mackay.

EDITION    Paperback

ISBN          9780994567451

PRICE        $21.99 (USD)


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