Murder in an Orchard Cemetery by Cora Harrison

 When the Reverend Mother goes on retreat she thinks that it's going to be peaceful in spite of the fact that the Bishop and candidates for the council are attending. She is met with a nasty surprise. The orchard cemetary is suddenly bombed and the stockbroker James Musgrave is killed. Could it be the IRA or is it meant to look like they are responsible? 

This is a clever and interesting murder story with a lot of fascinating historical detail about Ireland and Cork in the 1920s, especially about poverty, illness and the IRA ,with some snippets about politics.The Reverend Mother is wise and sympathetic, and young and ambitious Eileen, one of her former students, who is reporting on the murder, is very likeable, with her social conscience and feistiness. I also enjoyed reading the descriptions of Cork.I will look for more of 

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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