Just Rest Receiving God’s Renewing Presence in the Deserts of Your Life: A Study of the Exodus by Sonja Corbitt

 When Sonja Corbitt first began writing, she went through a desert of despair, receiving rejection after rejection, and getting completely tangled up in her emotions. She felt that God wasn't listening, but eventually after praying and receiving answers, she discovered that she was suffering from her father's treatment of her. She compares this emotional desert with the one that the Israelites went through to get to the Promised Land and the desert that most of us have to endure at some time.

This is a powerful story about conversion, grace and healing. I found the parts about controlling emotions and the importance of forgiveness especially helpful. Sonja includes summaries and spiritual guidance at the end of each chapter. It's a book that needs to be read a few times intently.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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