The History of the World in 100 Pandemics, Plagues and Epidemics by Paul Chrystal Pen & Sword

 This was a comprehensive and well-researched history of devastating illnesses since Neanderthal times. I don't think that Paul Chrystal missed anything out here! Unfortunately, it is so harrowing to read and such a litany of misery and so packed with information, that I decided to concentrate mostly on the accounts which especially interested me, such as the plague in England and Australia, the sweating sickness and the Spanish Flu. Of course, his chapter on coronavirus is fairly up-to-date and interesting. I found the history of measures taken to prevent the spread of epidemics especially interesting, for example, the origins of quarantine, social distancing and lockdowns. 

He has an excellent list of suggestions for preparing for epidemics for public policy makers. Let's hope that they study his book.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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