The Secret Diary by Anna Stuart Bookouture

I didn't know about the brave 'Gunner Girls' until I read this enjoyable novel. Hopefully, it will increase interest in these women, as well as being a great book for anyone who likes historical novels and WWII fiction. It's also perfect for those who like time-slip novels.

Lorna, grieving her husband, goes to stay with her Mum and her second husband David at their farmhouse in Norfolk, where she finds a secret diary. The diary was written by Nancy, David's mother, who struggled with her marriage and in-laws after leading an exciting life as a 'Gunner Girl'. Joe and his family want to domesticate her, while she yearns for the war years.

Lorna becomes increasingly puzzled by the diary, because Nancy and her 'Gunner Girl' friends are obviously hiding something important. Something which might break up Nancy's marriage... What is this dark secret?

I know that I am reading a lot of books about the war. I have always liked wartime fiction!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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