Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer

 I read this for Becky's Georgian Challenge.

I love reading Georgette Heyer - her books are still so fresh and bubbly. An independent heroine, interesting hero, amusing dialogue and slight, but fast-moving story makes this one a pleasure. There is also some illness, and even quarantine in it which made it relevant to the times!

When Abby finds out that her sweet niece Fanny has fallen for a fortune-hunter who has also deceived Selina (Abby's silly sister) she is determined to wrest Fanny away from him. When she meets Miles Calverleigh she mistakes him for Stacy, his nephew, and they have a wonderfully amusing conversation. Luckily, she soon finds out, and finds herself attracted to Miles. However, her family dislikes him for a good reason, and will he help her find a way to deal with his nephew? Is he really a gentleman, or just another cad?

I could read this many times. It might be best to read it with a Regency glossary nearby, though!


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