No Number Nine by FJ Campbell


Welcome to the blog tour of No Number Nine by FJ Campbell. My sincere apologies for my post being a few days late.

'Pip' Mitchell, only 19, grieves the loss of her sister, a champion hockey player, and she feels guilty about getting involved with a much older man, although she pines for him. After hiding in her room for a long time, she runs away to look after two young boys in Europe. Here she works for the strange, mysterious and enormously wealthy von Feldstein family looking after two young boys. She soon discovers that the family is extremely keen on hockey playing, and sports generally so she can't avoid it! She also finds it hard to discover the true characters of the two older boys. Amidst the excitement of a trip to the Sydney Olympics, and the difficulties of coming-of-age, will Pip find happiness...?

Although I liked the quite sweet and genuine 'Pip' and the hero of this book and the exotic settings, it wasn't really my kind of book. There is a fair bit of sex and swearing in it, which some readers may not like. I liked the mysterious elements of the story, but I found it quite wordy.

I received this free ebook from Literally PR in return for an honest review.


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