The Lost Girl of Berlin (Daughters of New York) by Ella Carey Bookouture

 This is a moving and luminious tale of war, love, forgiveness, and the role of women. I always enjoy Ella Carey's books, and they are actually improving! She is one of the best writers of war novels. The soft-hearted but ambitious war journalist heroine, warm Humphrey Bogart-like hero, and their star-crossed love affair in the aftermath of war make this an interesting story, involving many ethical questions.

When the book begins, Kate and Rick are two journalists working in post-war Germany, who save a little orphan girl. The description of Berlin and the orphans is heart-wrenching. Kate actually reports on the Nuremberg trials, but when she gets back to New York, she struggles to get anywhere in a man's world, and finds herself discussing how women should get husbands! She is attracted to Rick, but wants to concentrate on her career, and they come from very different backgrounds...

The sub-stories concern Bianca, Kate's sister, who feels unhappy and left out because her husband comes from a different class, and Rick's mother who learns that her husband is having an affair.

If you like love stories set in wartime involving interesting characters, this is perfect for you!



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