SOE in Denmark The Special Operations Executive’s Danish Section in WW2 by An Official History

 Denmark concentrated on social and industrial improvements before the war, and also decided that any preparations for defence it undertook would be hopeless, perhaps leading to provocation. This left the country in an extremely vulnerable position, so that the Germans could easily capture it. The British  Commonwealth even classified the Danes as 'enemy aliens' after the Germans took over. The S.O.E. started from a very small base, and the problem of organising opposition to the enemy was formidable, because of Denmark's huge collection of islands and strategic position.

However, the German reign of terror caused great disquiet in the population leading more people to join the Resistance, but they had a dreadful time with many difficulties, including betrayals, captures, factional fighting, and problems obtaining financial help.. These are all described here, along with the S.O.E.'s sabotage and bombing operations and major successes.

This is fairly dry, and factual, so it is more for research purposes. However, the story of the Resistance in Europe never fails to be interesting.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.



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